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Tom Stone is the primary antagonist of "Why me?" and targets Emily Jackson for a reason not known. He believes "we don't need no education" he is agressive and disregards others, he also uses whatever means he can think of to try get what he wants.

In "The Reflection", his role is not as significant, but still of importance to the overall story, as he is being belittled and tossed around by Big Bill, a fat, older boy, described as being an animal because of how he eats and acts.

Tom Stone
Some attributes
First Full name: Tom Riley Stone
Second Age: 15 (Why Me?) 14 (The Reflection)
Third Birthday: September 6th
Other attributes
Fourth Height: 5ft 7 (Why Me?) 5ft 5 (The Reflection)
Fifth Hair colour: black
Sixth Eye colour: green