Detective Stone
Some attributes
First hair colour black
Second eye colour brown
Third height 5ft 8
Other attributes
Fourth age at least 43 (Why Me?) at least 46 (Sticky Situations)
The Detective is a police officer who is called in to investigate the goings on for which Tom Stone is responsible. He is somewhat strange and the girls can't put their finger on him. Eventually, he reveals himself to be called Detective Stone, and father of Tom.

He was believed to have died when the school was on fire, but it turrns out that Tom managed to get him out.

He re-appears in Sticky Situations and it takes the girls a while to realize why he seems so familiar to them. He arrests Luke for twin brother Phils' actions (both he and Phil are corrupt). Near the end of Sticky Situations when everyone is in the house of Emilys' aunt, three people have guns and three shots are fired, one of which kills him.