Sticky Situations

Sticky Situations is the sequel to "Why Me?". Matthew Steel had attempted to write it before, but shelved it after the first chapter, moving on to whole new stories instead. However, when looking at the characters' information and seeing he could use this well and noticing that the story has been the readers favourite on miss literati by quite some margin, he decided to reconsider and went ahead with it.


Emily and co are back. It is set three years after Why Me? it involves a huge debt and two nasty men.

Each character has a dilemma of their own, so although it has its' main plot, there are other sub plots which are relevant because they are all a team.

Plot Edit

Three years after the events of Why Me? Emily and her friends are at university. They find their way to their classes, given time and meet and make new friends. When they get to their apartment, they see a letter which Julie has left. It turns out she has borrowed from some very dodgy lenders.

They set everyone up so they all meet for lunch the next day (each of the girls asking their new friend) and decide they must go back to Emilys' hometown, even if that means putting her future on hold.

Later on, the two loan sharks visit, scaring them and making their threats. It also turns out Sarah (a girl Megan met in gymnastics) heard the group and decided to join George and Micheal.

Other people get their own troubles - Luke gets arrested because of his identical brother, Alice becomes pregnaunt and James finds out he's got AIDS from a past partner.

After Sarah nearly drowns, she is put in hospital and she comes back and wants to be friends with the group, but when she reveals she's bisexual and feels for Megan (who does not return that), she changes her mind.

However, at the climax, when everyone is at the home of Emilys' now deceased aunt, Sarah is shot along with Luke and Megan. Megan does not survive, but they are able to heal Luke and it turns out Sarah wore a bullet-proof vest. She comes around and is accepted by Emily and Alice as the new girl in the friendship trio.

At home a year later, they are all due to start university once more and Alice has her baby girl, whom she has named Jess (after Megans' deceased sister). A suprise visitor at the door turns out to be none other than Mr. Shaw and they agree to go to his youth club, as Sarah and Alice may just find the people they need there.


Emily Jackson

Megan White

Alice Lowrie

Julie Jackson

George Byrne

Micheal Sutcliffe






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