Mr. Shaw
Some attributes
First hair colour brown
Second eye colour grey
Third age "between 45 and 54"
Other attributes
Fourth height 5ft 8
Henry Shaw is a teacher in geography, but also quite a fine artist. Unlike the principal, Mr.Black, he is helpful and always listens attentivley to what people have to tell him. He is one of the people Tom holds a grudge on, although this only shows towards the end. Henry does survive the ordeals along with the girls and in the end has begun running a youth club.

He had a dog who he owned fourteen years as mentioned at the end of Why me? as he was burrying him and found the body of Tom Stone in his garden at that time.

In The Reflection, he is the one who tells Emily about the talent show and gives her some advice about how to do better in her classes.

He also makes a surprise visit near the end of Sticky Situations