Mr. Black
Some attributes
First Age: fifties
Second hair colour: bald
Third eye colour: grey
Other attributes
Fourth height: 6ft 2
Mr.Black is the principal of Bolton seniors, and is tough and arrogant, although not one of the "bad guys" in the story. He states he doesn't care about the girls' problems occuring outside school and threatens to expel them for their absence. It isn't until they show the footage of Alice being abused, when he aplogizes and decides to help.

He is not very organised, as his office is very cluttered so the window is mostly blocked and it's hard to move around the room. It appears he has collected a great many things over the years, from confiscating them from the students.

In The Reflection, he has stern words with Emily Jackson about her flunking all of her classes. At that same time, he also seems to display some contempt to Mr. Shaw because of the way he does things. He also says the talent show was a stupid idea, but he had to allow it when he was outvoted.

At one point, he is set on fire in the burning school and his body reduced to ashes.