Emily with Alice

Emily Jackson is the main protagonist of the story "why me" and is a kind and hard-working girl at school. Her favourite colour is blue. She has two close friends - Megan and Alice, but is one day bullied by a boy in her class called Tom.
Emily Jackson
Some attributes
First Full name: Emily Powers Jackson
Second Age: 14 (Why Me?) 17/18 (Sticky Situations) 13 (The Reflection)
Third Birthday: May 3rd
Other attributes
Fourth Height: 5ft (Why Me?) 5ft 3 (Sticky Situations) 4ft 10 (the reflection)
Fifth Eye colour: Green
Sixth Hair colour: Brown

She has lived with her mum for all her life. It is not quite explained about her dad, but just that he was "largely abscent". 

She had a boyfriend called Harvey, whom she met when she was thirteen and later when she was seventeen, she met Luke, who would continue to be her boyfriend for well over a year. 

She has mentioned a fear of heights and that she once stood on a rooftop and felt scared.