Big Bill
Some attributes
First age 16
Second hair colour blonde
Third eye colour brown
Other attributes
Fourth height 6ft
Fifth weight 200lb
Big Bill is a boy at school who is the bully to Tom Stone. He is summed up as being mean and fat and seen as nothing more. He is bigoted and thinks it would be better if everyone was just like him. He never let anybody be his friend, he only had enemies.

With his weight, along with rotten teeth and gums, it is evident his own well being didn't matter, as well as that of other people.

It would seem to be in his nature to destroy anything good, as he is shown to hate trees in the summer, so not only does he lack respect for other people, but for the other things in life that we admire.

He had been able to get away with all of his deeds, as anyone who saw him was too scared to report him when he stabbed Tom Stone or slashed Tylers' eyes. Later on, After he tortures Tyler, he kills him, without consience or mercy and then happily marches off. This was the last time he was ever seen.