Alice Lowrie is a supporting Protagonist in Why me? and good friends of Emily And Megan. She is the less confident and successful of the three, but she still has hope for herself and tries her best. Her favourite colour is pink. She is keen on biology and wants to be a doctor one day.
Alice Lowrie
Some attributes
First Full name: Alice Phillipa Lowrie
Second Age: 14 (Why Me?) 17/18 (Sticky Situations) 13 (The Reflection)
Third Birthday: July 28th
Other attributes
Fourth Height: 5ft 2 (Why Me?) 5ft 5 (Sticky Situations) 4ft 9 (The Reflection)
Fifth Hair colour: blonde
Sixth Eye colour: green

She does tend to speak somewhat less than her friends, but it is no problem when she's in her own company.

It is likely she was on a healthy diet at times, or tried to stick to that kind of diet, as it mentions in The Reflection, when they are watching a movie at home, that she chose to have a salad and water (although she does have the usual movie food near the end of the story).

In Sticky Situations, she does get a boyfriend, Sam and at the end she has a baby daughter named Jess.